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Meditate before you medicate...

Meditation is a powerful tool. Typically when we think about taking care of ourselves, we pay attention to what we eat, how we treat our body and the exercise we get. Often we overlook the thoughts we have in our mind. Negative thoughts are toxic and can bring you down or make you anxious. Meditation moves past challenging this self-talk. Meditation is about slowing your mind down and just observing what's in your mind. Of course, we will feel better when there are less negative thoughts in our mind. We would feel calm and light. Like anything new you learn, meditation takes practice. To allow yourself to be still is a skill and may not be easy at first. Some people feel that through meditation and quietening the mind, they become more in touch with something bigger than themselves. Once you start a meditation practice you will notice a change in your mood and your way of being.

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