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Appointments are usually during a one hour time period unless we specifically contract for a longer time. Actual process time is 50 minutes. Appointments are normally scheduled weekly or biweekly. The basic rate for a one hour session is $155 per hour (this includes GST). Depending on one's ability to pay or income, there are some sessions that are available on a sliding scale fee. Fees are to be paid in full by cheque, cash  or etransfer at the time of each appointment unless alternate third party payment arrangements have been made in advance. 


We are covered by many Employee Extended Medical Plans. Your Extended Health Benefits package may cover the cost of counselling provided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  Consult with your workplace Human Resource Department or insurance company about whether you are covered to see a "Registered Clinical Counsellor" which is distinct from Registered Psychologists and Registered Social Workers. Receipts not submitted for insurance claims may be tax deductible under medical expenses.


ONE Counselling currently has one office location and online counselling is also available.  


Our South Surrey-White Rock office is located at #310-1656 Martin Drive (right across from Semiahmoo Mall).  


Contact Kimi at or 604 626 2884.






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