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Kimi Combow-Gill is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and  an author.  Her desire to make a positive difference led her to her career as a counsellor and her book is an extension of this desire. 

Book on opening your heart to love
Still Single? It's Not What You Are Doing, It's How You Are Being. 


In Kimi Combow-Gill's premier book, readers will be guided towards allowing a fulfilling partnership into their life. They will be encouraged to heal their past and open their heart so that life's gifts can flow into their life. Readers will learn that the reason they are feeling blocked when it comes to relationships has nothing to do with what they are doing, and everything to do with how they are BEING!




Author Kimi Combow-Gill
New book coming soon!

​As Kimi Combow-Gill was writing her debut book, she realized she wanted to write on the keys to happiness. She did include some of this in her first book, however she couldn't include everything she wanted to as it wasn't the focus of the book. Stay tuned for her new book which will reveal what she has discovered as the keys to happiness. 


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