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The areas that Kimi works with most often are:

  • Depression  

  • Trauma                                         

  • Anxiety/ Stress                                         

  • Grief/Loss                                                

  • Life Transitions

  • Career Change

  • Self-esteem

  • Anger-management

  • Communication Skills

  • Relationships

  • Children/Adolescents

  • Personal Growth

  • Spirituality/Purpose


The foundation of Kimi's counselling follows a client-centered approach (Humanistic perspective), and therefore the wisdom within you is honoured and guides the therapeutic process. Counselling will help one get in touch with this wisdom. Other names that may be given to this Wisdom include Intuition, Inner-knowing, Heart, or Higher Self.  Therapy involves helping you to rediscover your forgotten or ignored inner sources of knowing and calling upon them to navigate current life challenges. This approach is also known as Transpersonal counselling. Isn't it exciting to know that you have this resource within you that you can tap into at any moment to help you through your life!


Cognitive Behavioural Strategies are also incorporated depending on the client and situation. When Kimi is working with children and adolescents, play and art is used more extensively to help the youth express their feelings and experiences.  Kimi has also received training in EMDR which helps with traumatic memories.


Kimi is very aware of the mind-body connection, and this awareness may be brought into the session at times.  In addition to Kimi's conventional training and experience, her work is also informed by the professional training and personal experiences around energy-based healing. She believes that  one's thoughts are powerful and carry an energy that impacts their own emotional and physical health as well as their life experiences.

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                                                            "All illness is created first in the mind." - CWG1 (p.188)


                                                    "Intuition is far more powerful than the logical mind." - Albert Einstein

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