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My story in a nutshell.

For many years I was wondering why I was still single. I was living a full life with my career, friends, travel, spirituality and laughter. However I was wondering what I was doing wrong as I saw all my friends get married and settle down. I felt left out and at times frustrated. I wanted a partner in my life as well- not because my mom was wanting it so bad or because of my auntie's comments and pressures but because I wanted to share my life with someone and I needed a travel buddy! Nothing personal GAP adventures but I wanted to travel with someone I knew! As I reflected upon my status as I got older, I realized I had some fears, some that I was aware of and other blocks that were subconscious. I chipped away at those fears that created a wall around my heart. This wall had made it impossible to feel a connection with a potential partner. I share my journey of opening my heart in my book which launches in January 2017 ('Still Single? It's Not What You Are Doing, It's How You Are Being.'). My hope is that my book will help others to release their blocks and have all that they deserve including a fulfilling relationship.

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