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The Two of Us

The two of us

"To walk in harmony with the world is one of the greatest pleasures in life. The special feeling that your life is quite possibly a contribution to the world you live in-that you may be able to enrich the life of another, can bring much satisfaction to your soul.

The desire to share that harmony with a mate must be the single, largest driving force in a human being. Love is the greatest experience.

Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of being in the company of a few who share this harmonious bond of love. There is actually an aura around them. I was always left with the hope that I, too, could have that treasure of true love. Thousands of words have been penned in poetry, prose, and song by and about those who search for that special loving experience. It must be the nearest thing to heaven in this world.

My search ended in Victoria. I met my wife Rhonda in the art gallery there. My desire to give her an original painting led to the two of us. "

-Roy Henry Vickers

In my early-mid twenties I travelled to Tofino with a couple of girlfriends. I stumbled upon a greeting card that had Roy Vickers, " The Two Of Us" picture print on it. On the back of the card was the message above. I loved it! I wanted that in my life too so I instantly connected with the picture and Roy Vickers. I bought the card and framed it. I am not sure how long after that, maybe a couple of years, I bought a framed print of the painting. I kept it in my closet for many years as I was saving it for my future partner! Many, many years later I was able to share it with my fiancé and now husband.

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